HTC EVO Sale! Save Thousands on Your Phone Bill with Virgin Mobile!

htc evo sale

HTC EVO Sale Alert!

Do you think that pay as you go companies offer crap phones? Well think again! Virgin Mobile has several great phones available! With the exception of the iPhone, their top of the line phone is on sale right now for an unbeatable price!

Get the HTC EVO for just $229.99 after $70 instant savings! Then pay just $35/month for unlimited text messaging, data, email, web browsing and 300 anytime talk minutes! We switched both of our plans about 3 years ago (as we have mentioned on here many times) and have saved well over $3500 by not paying for our overprices wasteful $75-$85/month plans!

You don't have to sacrifice all of the cool features of your phone now. Even if you have an iPhone! Check out some of the reviews on this:
"The best phone EVER!!!"
"Simply the best"
"Puts iPhone to shame!"

They go on and on like this. People love this phone, and for $230, it's a steal!

You'll pay a little more up front, since you are buying the phone, but every month you will save big bucks! If your plan is $80 now, after 5 months of switching, you will have saved more than the cost of this phone! Then, you're home free paying just $35 a month!

Check out the great HTC EVO sale <--------here!


  1. I’m finally getting this phone…tomorrow. Can’t wait.

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