HTC EVO 4G Cell Phone for Virgin Mobile Just $139.99!

Virgin Mobile has the HTC EVO 4G cell phone for $139.99!

Then you'll pay just $35 per month for 300 anytime minutes and unlimited text, email, web and data! We've been with Virgin Mobile for a few years and have saves thousands with the low priced monthly plan!

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  1. catherine says:

    I have this phone. The only downside to it is the battery life. Six hours if ur constantly using the internet or on FB. Otherwise I love it. I bought it in September for $229 and that was a deal at that time.

    • I am still considering it. I have the Motorola Triumph and I think it may be to similar and not enough of an upgrade. Plus next time I upgrade I lose my $25/month plan and have to pay $35 like everyone else! :/
      6 hours is short, but with constant FB or net usage, that seems about right for a cell. I recommend getting an app like “Advanced Task Killer” (it’s free), which can easily stop a bunch of useless apps from running in the background. Those apps drain your battery. Since I have been using that app, my battery life is better.

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