How to Save 15% at Kohl’s BEFORE You Enter Any Other Coupon Code! Save Up to 45% At Checkout, Every Time!

This post will show you How to Save 15% at Kohl's BEFORE You Enter Any Other Coupon Code!

Just yesterday, we were making a $286 purchase (came to $200 with our 30% Kohl's charge code). But we weren't satisfied with just 30% off of a sale item. We wanted more.

We searched out Cardpool and found Kohl's gift cards discounted for 15% off! They had gift cards in many different denominations too, from $25 all the way to $400!

Here's the deal. In order to use your Kohl's charge coupon code, you just need to put SOME of your purchase on the card. We used $180 in gift cards and put $20 on the card with no problem!
*If you are not using a Kohl's charge code, you can use gift cards for the entire purchase!

Since gift cards are a form of payment, you can get any sale price, discount, rebate in ADDITION to using these discounted cards!

So, we bought $280 in products, already on sale. Then we used the Kohl's 30% code to bring our total down to $200. We used $180 worth of discounted gift cards from Cardpool that we paid $153 for and $20 on our card to pay for the transaction.
So essentially, we paid $173 even when our total said $200 after the 30% code!
Another benefit of this method is that our total stayed over $200, so we got $40 in Kohl's cash. And the beauty of that is that even though the total was over $200, we only paid $173 our of pocket!

In a hurry? They have a bunch of e-gift cards available that ship by email within hours!

FYI, they do have a verification process for first time buyers, so make sure you give a good phone number. They called us to ask a few questions about the credit card we used. I like that they take extra security measures!

They have gift cards from over 50 merchants too, not just Kohl's!

So do yourself (and you wallet) a favor and check out Cardpool to maximize your retail savings!

Once you get your discounted gift card, check out our current Kohl's Deals here!


  1. Cardpool is fantastic. I have bought at least 10 gift cards from them. They do call to verify your first time purchase and ship very quickly. They always have a huge selection. I buy cards they have for all my routine stores and restaurants, that way I’m always set for when a sale comes along.

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