How to Get an Additional 13% off Home Depot!

I will dedicate an entire section of the site to deals like this in the future, but here's a great % off deal you can score when you combine the following 2 services: Plastic Jungle & [email protected]

If you are planning a large purchase, and have a tiny bit of patience, you can get up to 13% off (in addition to any sales or clearance prices) of your transaction. If you can come close to that kind of discount at Home Depot, please let me know!

Anyway, here are the details:
Plastic Jungle sells Home Depot Gift cards for 8% off of the actual value.
Order one in whatever denomination you need.
Then, once you get it, go to Shop at Home and shop at Home Depot through them to get 5% cash back from your purchase!

There you have it, 13% off at one of the toughest stores to get a % off discount!

As I said, this deal takes a bit of patience, but it's your money!

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