How to: Garage Sale Edition ~ Earn Extra Cash and Have Fun!

It's that time of year again. Garage sale time! Are you thinking of having one? We would recommend leaning toward "yes" if you've been thinking about it. Even a slow sale can bring in $100 or more. For hanging out in your garage on a nice day?! I'll take it!

How to have your own garage sale:

Fixed Price Boxes: Instead of pricing a ton of individual things, make a couple of boxes. One can be $1 items and another $0.50 items. The boxes should be shallow so everything can be seen.

Free Area: If you have it, put out a bunch of stuff that you literally consider worthless junk on a blanket with a free sign. You'd be surprised at how many people will park and get out for free stuff. You've just made them park their car and walk up to the sale, that's one step closer to them buying something!

High Saturday, Low Sunday: Begin Saturday with fairly aggressive pricing. Within a few hours, start dropping your “rock bottom” prices. Unless this is a regular thing, you probably want to get rid of stuff just as much as you want to make money, so getting $0.25 for a picture frame is better than asking $2 for it and getting nothing.

Start Early: This is something that Can be tough to do. We work late nights and are not morning people. We think that if we can get 50% of the things out by 8:00, we’re in good shape. If you can stand it, try and be ready to go at 7:30. Shoppers come out early, and you don't want to lose several potential sales for an extra half hour in the sack. Be ready for early birds who will come 15-20 minutes BEFORE your advertized starting time.

Craigslist: This is an easy one. They let you put garage sale ads up for free! We put an ad up for our sale last year and received 5 emails within a couple of hours about various items we had listed. It’s better than putting it in the newspaper and doesn’t cost anything!

Easy to Read Signs: They should be clear, clutter free and easy to read. Clean arrows, precise directions and LARGE writing are key. People really take signs seriously. I mean, if you only had 5 minutes to spare, and you drove past a small, messy sign and past a clean, clear, easy to read one, which sale are you gonna go to?

$0.50 Sodas: Why not? Especially if you already have them in the fridge! If you can get 12 packs for $3, you're doubling your money for each one you sell!

Bags: Make sure to have bags ready for people to either shop with or to put their stuff in to take home. You know how hard it is to juggle a vase, coffee maker and a shirt while trying to examine a lamp. Don’t discourage people who want to buy a lot of stuff!

How to Deal with Lowball Prices: Be friendly. The price they name might start to look good as the hours pass. Get their phone number, call them on Sunday if the item has not moved. We did this last year with a TV. We were asking $50, someone offered $25 on Saturday at noon. We couldn’t do it, but said we’d call them if it was still there Sunday afternoon. It was, and we made the sale. We were both happy as clams!

Have Fun! It’s the weekend and you’re making money sitting in your front yard, that’s awesome!
Do you have any tips on how to garage sale? or success stories? Share in the comments below!

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