How to Be Cheap on a Date Without Your Date Knowing

how to be cheap on a date

So you're dating huh? And you're broke huh? Well, not broke, but let's face it, dates are expensive! Even just dinner and a movie is going to run you $100 or so if you pick up both of the tabs. And you sure aren't going to ask your date to split a meal, or walk 10 blocks to save $10 in valet money. So how can you save some dough the smooth way?

Here are some tips for being cheap on a date without your date knowing:
If you want to be super aggressive and don't mind if your cover is blown a bit, try to find a restaurant coupon (certificate) at for a place that you can take your date. The thing about this is that you'll have to bring a sheet of paper with you, because that serves as your certificate. Paying with an 8.5/11 is not the slickest thing you can do. Your best bet here is to find your server when your date is in the restroom and take care of the bill then. If your date doesn't go to the bathroom, try to be slick and excuse yourself to pay the bill away from the table. You can use this same strategy with Groupon deals as well.  You can also use Groupon to score a deal on flowers.

discounted restaurant gift cardsIf you're looking for a more incognito way to save some money, try finding a discounted gift card here or here. Paying with gift cards is generally not even noticed by a date. What they don't know is that if you get the gift card from one of the sites here or here, you will have saved 10%, 20% or more, right off the bat! Currently, the sites have gift cards for Morton's Steakhouse for 10% off and Ruth's Chris for 15% off! Talk about an easy (and sly) way to save!

Try suggesting happy hour. Everybody likes a happy hour, so why not go then and score some great specials! Still want to sit down and have a regular meal? Plan on getting there 15 minutes before happy hour ends and have a drink in the bar before sitting down.

If all else fails, or you are not wanting to be that aggressive, at least use a credit card that will provide you with some rewards. There are some cards such as the Citi Forward card and the American Express Blue Sky card offer bonus rewards for dining out. If you've got a card that offers good rewards, you may as well use it.

I must also say that where ever you go and whatever you do, DO NOT SKIMP ON THE TIP. The bad karma will come back to you, I promise.

How do you save money on dates?

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