How Often Do You Dine Out?

how often do you dine out

A home-cooked meal that cost around $1.50 per serving.

Welcome to the 'How Often Do You' series! This series will serve as a reminder for you to do some essential personal finance tasks more regularly and will force you to get a grip on your finances. Just because they are ugly doesn't mean you can avoid them. So let's have an honest look at our finances together and find out how often you...

Dine out?

Food is one of the biggest expenses for most families. Eating away from home is generally not as budget friendly. Dining out can cost a family of four $40-$60 for a casual restaurant. Just skipping one or two restaurant dinners every month can save big bucks. You don't have to short change the fun. Pick up a $8 bottle of wine and a fancy dessert at your local grocery store or bakery and cook at home. Instead of paying $75 for dinner, wine and dessert, you can have it for around $20!

It's not that you should cut out the fun stuff, you just shouldn't live beyond your means. If you can't afford it, you simply can't afford it.

If you do decide to dine out, look for the deals! It's actually easy to save on dining out with a little effort! There are restaurant coupons* and gift card deals** in addition to happy hours and other special deals that you can get.

So the plan here is two-fold: try and reduce the number of times you dine out every month and be smarter when you do dine out.

This isn't ground-braking stuff here folks, but a friendly reminder every now and then is nice. :)

* Find restaurant coupons here.
** Find restaurant gift card deals here and here.

How often do you dine out?

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