How Often Do You Check Your Bank Account?

how often do you check your bank account
Welcome to the 'How Often Do You' series! This series will serve as a reminder for you to do some essential personal finance tasks more regularly and will force you to get a grip on your finances. Just because they are ugly doesn't mean you can avoid them. So let's have an honest look at our finances together and find out how often you...

Check your bank account.

Checking your bank account is one of the most basic financial moves that you should make every day. Some might say that checking daily is a bit obsessive, but in the days of credit card fraud and identity theft, once a day should be the minimum!

Don't obsess about the big number every time you check*. Save that for your weekly budgets. What you should also be looking for on a daily basis are the debits and credits on the account. If there are unauthorized charges, you NEED to know about them right away.

At a minimum, I would check every bank account that you have a debit card associated with. Finding unauthorized charges is the most important part of checking daily and if an account has a debit card, the likelihood for those types of charges goes up.

Checking your bank account every day is a simple task, yet is one of the most important things that you can do with regard to managing your personal finances.

*Note: If you are cutting things close every month or on a paycheck-to-paycheck level, you'll probably want to peek at that big number every day as well. The last thing you want to do is get an overdraft charge when things are already tight.

So, how often do you check your bank account?

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