Hey Everyone, Capital One 360 is Giving Away Free Money! Get You Some!

Capital One 360 is giving out huge bonuses for opening accounts and putting at least $500 in at the time of opening.

They ran a similar promotion around the holidays last year and it as super popular.

Open a checking account and get a $100 bonus.
Open a savings account and get a $76 bonus

To be eligible for the checking account, you must also make a combination of 5 purchases and/or 5 CheckMate direct deposits within 45 days.
A great thing about the savings account bonus is that although you cannot touch the bonus $76, it does start earning interest right away!

Capital One 360 offers the most competitive interest rates for basic account in the country. The savings account pay 0.75% interest and the checking pays 0.20%. That may not seem like much, but in today's world, that is a good rate!

Best of all, the accounts are FEE FREE, which is hard to find!

Heads up, this promotion is only going on July 1st, 2nd and 3rd so don't delay!

Sign up for the checking account and get the $100 bonus here or the savings account and $76 bonus here.

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