Heads Up – Coupons.com Virus/Privacy Issues

It appears that Coupons.com is having issues with a virus being in the downloadable coupon software. (Several readers from Hip2Save are reporting problems) I would recommend, that until further notice, you DO NOT download anything from Coupons.com. If you already have the printer and are problem free, you can still print coupons, as they are not being downloaded to your computer.

This is a great article on some concerns from a technical standpoint of Coupons.com.

If you are unsure weather or not Coupons.com software is on your computer, test it here.


  1. Thank you for your message, this issue is not related to Coupons.com’s systems. There is a Fake AVG Anti-Virus virus that is redirecting user’s browser windows when they visit certain popular websites. AVG has posted details on its blog at: http://viruslab.blog.avg.com/2011/01/be-aware-of-rogue-security-software.html.

    Users who are seeing this redirect should contact their anti-virus software provider or search the Web for “Fake AVG Removal” for removal information.

    We can assure you that Coupons.com is not distributing viruses of any kind.

    The safety of our users and internet security is of utmost importance at Coupons.com.

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