Have You Seen our Rebate Tracking Sheet?

Have you seen this? We created it last year and wanted to showcase it again as a tool to save you more money! Be confident about rebates! This sheet will help!

We feel that mail in rebates are one of the greatest ways to get the most out of your buck when shopping. Unfortunately, many people are hesitant about putting their money up front and then waiting for a check in the mail. We submitted for about 20-30 rebates last year and got them all. Every single one.
Sometimes though, problems will arise. Keeping track of what you sent in, when you did it, what the offer was for and contact information about the company or rebate processing company can help in the case of a problem.

So, without further ado, we present to you our customizable Rebate Submission Tracking Sheet!

You can either print this sheet as-is and hand write in your submissions, or save it to your computer and fill in the boxes digitally as you go!
If you choose to type, the font will automatically shrink to fit in the box you’re typing in! Ah technology! :)

Click the link below to get to the PDF of the sheet.

Rebate Submission Tracking Sheet

Feel free to contact us with any suggestions!

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