Groupon Now Has a Wedding Section! Plus Some Quick Wedding Savings Tips from Us!

Groupon has launched their wedding section today! Check it out here. You can find tons of wedding savings there! Some stuff we see today is dry cleaning, labels, jewelery, photo booths, canvas prints and more! We got a great deal on wedding dress cleaning and preservation service for just $69! This normally runs $150-$200! 10 months later, we can box the dress! :D

Here's a few basic savings tips from us along with a couple of links to more detailed savings opportunities:

Are you getting married soon, or do you know someone who is getting married in the near future?

Here are some great tips on how to save some serious money on your wedding and the surrounding events:

  • Start Early - The further in advance you plan, the more you can shop around and get the best deal on just about anything.
  • DIY - The more stuff you can do yourself (favors, invitations, decorations, etc), the more you will save! Doing invitations yourself can save you $100-$300, and you can still have them look professionally done! Michael's should be your favorite store by the time your wedding comes around! Use those 40% off on item coupons that always come in the paper!
  • Find No Corkage - You can save hundreds or thousands by buying your alcohol from outside vendors (BevMo for wine, Rite Aid or Total Wine for spirits and Cotsco for beer) and bringing them to a place with no corkage fee. Our site had no corkage. We bought wine during the 5 cent sale, bought our beer at Costco and got most of our liquor for $1-3 per full sized bottle using rebates!
  • Book Your Honeymoon Early - This s along the same lines as the first point we made. Booking in advance can only help the cost. Also, look into booking an all inclusive package. You will probably find you are wanting to pamper yourselves and order up, and if it is all inclusive, it won't sting your wallet as much.
  • Check out THIS Site - We include wedding deals and promotions in our posts often! With wedding season coming up, the frequency of wedding deals and posts will increase!

Here are a couple of articles we have written about getting the most out of your money for wedding related things:
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