Groupon Goods and Living Social Deals!

Groupon has some great deals on their goods!

First up, we've got 2 backpacks for $15 shipped straight to your door! Get both kids taken care of in one shot, for just $15!

kodak charger
Next up is my favorite one here, and one that we just bought! Get a Kodak USB device charger for $11 shipped and never lose power to your cell phone or USB device again! They have a single charger which provides 30 hours of charging, and a dual charger (for $17) where you can charge 21 devices at once and get 60 hours of charging!

Finally, a great deal on a premium tablet! Get a Samsung Galaxy tablet for $279 with free shipping.

Or get away with Living Social:

2 night stay at the Palms in Vegas for just $120! You can also add on a bunch of stuff for great discounts like: Weekends ($200) from November to December or Weekdays with Nightly Entry to Ghostbar ($140) or Weekends with $25 Beverage Credit ($310) from July to October, and 2 Daily Buffet Passes.
Whatever you choose, you will get a Superior Guest Room, outfitted with the coziest beds in town, large bathrooms, Bose sound systems, and Jacuzzi baths.

All of that for just $60 per night! At one of Vegas' premium spots!

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