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green giant coupons
Green Giant coupons are great because they give us the rare opportunity to save on vegetables. Vegetable coupons are somewhat of a holy grail for couponers. Coupons often get a "bad rap" because they are "only for unhealthy items". Well, I disagree with that statement, but that being said, it's always nice to be able to save on some vegetables too.
green giant coupons 2014
Green Giant coupons are no longer only for canned or boxed vegetables though. Green Giant has recently released some Green Giant vegetable chips and they are pushing them hard, with lots of available coupons. Right now, we can find Green Giant coupons in the newspaper inserts often, in addition to being available online for printing.

At the time of writing this post, there are currently 3 different inserts with Green Giant coupons in addition to 4 different websites where you can print Green Giant manufacturer coupons. I will say though, that all of the Green Giant coupons that are currently out are for their new veggie chips.

When not found online, Green Giant coupons will typically come in a Smart Source newspaper insert that is heavy with other General Mills coupons. These coupons come about once per month. The printable online coupons are generally released, or reset on the first of every month.

Keep an eye out for Green Giant at your local dollar store. Some of the best deals to come from green Giant coupons have come from dollar stores. Whatever you do, make sure you print Green Giant vegetable coupons right when you see them online, because they tend to not last very long. Coming back here at the 1st of every month is a good way to find them. Additionally, you can follow this site using the social media buttons at the top of the site for more up-to-date info on whether Green Giant coupons are available or not.


  1. Teresa ferris says:

    I don’t have a printer at this time, could you please send them by mail? Please email me back. Thank you

    • Zack Reyes says:

      Unfortunately these are printable coupons, so you do have to have a printer although similar coupons can be found in in your Sunday newspaper inserts.

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