Great Deal on Farm Fresh, Local Produce Shipped to Your Door!

Heads up: make sure to visit their website to check their delivery area to make sure that they deliver to your home!

Here's a great deal from Groupon for fresh produce delivered straight to your door! Farm Fresh to You is offering up $31.50 worth of fresh produce for $15 today on Groupon!

There are a few $31.50 packages (that you'll be paying just $15 for) to choose from! I've checked out a few different home delivery produce services and this one definitely gives you the most bang for your buck. Check out one of the packages that you can get for just $15 total when you use the Groupon:
12 cnt Capay - Our Farm Satsuma Mandarin Orange
3 cnt Yakima Gala Apple
3 cnt Reedley Navel Orange
2 cnt Winters Meyer Lemon
1.5 lb Capay - Our Farm King Richard Leeks
1 cnt Capay - Our Farm Butternut Squash, winter
1 bu Brawley Red Beets
1 bu Brawley Nantes Carrot
1 bu Salinas Bunched Broccoli
1 bu Capay - Our Farm Assorted Kale
1 cnt Capay - Our Farm Bulb Fennel

That's pretty dang good for organic, locally grown, super fresh produce delivered straight to your front door! Get this as a gift for someone and it will surely brighten their day!
Get this great Groupon deal here!


  1. Make sure you check the delivery area. I cannot get this where I live.

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