Giveaway Results Coming Soon!

If you have been around here for a few giveaways, you know we try to ind the winner using a sports themed method.

We like this because it ensures randomness and makes the giveaways more fun!

What is not fun is the fact that I (Zack) threw my back out today (yes, I am a 28 year old with the back of an 80 year old) and am virtually immobile. (the free Thermacare stash is coming in handy right now!)

We'll get all of your numbers and whatnot by the first game of baseball's World Series, which starts Wed evening.

We just wanted to let you all know that we didn't forget about the contest (like we did last time!).

Also, we hit our 205 fan goal and exceeded it, so the winner will get an additional $5!

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