Giveaway Numbers and Rules!

So if you have been around our site for a while now, you know we like to do giveaways a little differently than other sites. Since we are still small, we can continue to do them this way.

Here's how this one will work:
Each person who commented will get a team and a number.
The winner will have the WINNING team AND the number closest to the TOTAL number of runs by BOTH teams added together. (We drew numbers 2-13 for Giants and 2-12 for Arizona)

The winner will be contacted Saturday morning using the email that they used to leave their comment on the giveaway posting. Winner will have 72 hours to claim their prize or it will go to another giveaway.

For which game you ask? Of course, tonight's SF Giants vs. Arizona Diamondbacks!

Example: Sam has Giants and 12, Bob has the Diamondbacks and 12, and Joe has Giants and 8. If the Giants win 8-4, Sam would win because he has the winning team and TOTAL number of runs scored by both teams.

Easy enough right?

Here are your teams (chosen at random out of a hat) and numbers (again, randomly chosen out of a hat)

Maria - 4
Amy - 5
Sarah Ann - 2
Antony - 12
Angela D. - 9
Amanda H. - 13
Andrea R. - 6
Sheena E. - 8
Lynda - 10
Derrell - 3
Carrie D - 7
Goosegal - 11

Sheri - 6
Natalie - 4
Alicia - 11
Michelle M. - 9
Michelle K. - 3
Bertha - 2
Amanda B. - 5
Kim - 12
Lucy - 7
Kathy W. - 8
Lourdes - 10

So there you have it! Easy as pie! Match your number to the total of both team's runs AND be on the winning team!

And who knows? If the Giants win, we might find some more stuff to throw into the pot!

Good Luck!

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