Getting Inspired With the Blurb Gift Center


I'm always on the lookout for gift ideas that come from the heart. My favorite kinds of gifts are meaningful ones that you know the person made or thought of specifically for you. How special does that make you feel, right? Well, look no further this holiday season than the Blurb Gift Center.

Blurb lets you make seriously beautiful books using their free tools. No need to use glue and paper at home, it's all online! You create your own masterpieces with the click of your mouse! Just add photos and text, choose your options (like paper and cover type), and then order. Of course, you do have to decide just what kind of book you want to make. But don't stress, they have put together a really cool and helpful Blurb Gift Center to give you lots of ideas.

For instance, if you’ve got a genealogical bent, there’s the Blurb Family History Book.

Or how about a sweet little Blurb Baby Book for those with a new baby!

You can even make a Blurb Food Book with all of your best recipes included!

This holiday season, make your gift recipients feel really special by making them something special that comes from the heart. There really is a book for everyone.

Now for two great coupons, both expiring 11/11:

Save 20% when you spend $40 or more on print books at Blurb
When you use the coupon code: MORESAVINGS

Save $25 when you spend $100 or more on print books at Blurb
When you use the coupon code: EARLYSAVINGS

Happy Blurbing!

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