Get Ready for Holiday Shopping With Discounted Gift Cards!

Are you looking for another way to maximize your savings on Black Friday and throughout the holiday season?

Plastic Jungle is the answer!

Basically, when someone gets a gift card to a place they would not use, they sell it to Plastic Jungle for a little bit lower than the face value, then, Plastic Jungle turns around and gives you that discounted price!

The best part about this, is that since gift cards are a form of payment, you still get all of the other coupons, sale and clearance prices and rebates you would normally get when you pay cash!

Head over here to check out all of their discounted gift cards!
Here are some of the stores they have, with the % off discount they give:
Target - 3%
Macy's - 7%
H&M - 11%
JC Penny - 15%!!
Victoria's Secret - 10%
Cheesecake Factory - 9%
Office Max - 9%

So whether you are buying a gift card for yourself to shop with, or as a gift, you should definitely start at Plastic Jungle to maximize your savings!


  1. I have bought about 20 gift cards from Plastic Jungle. Great sight–has saved me a ton of money! Got a Macy’s card in the mail yesterday and should get a Red Lobster one tomorrow.

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