Get a $10 Statement Credit When You Spend $10 or More on Your AMEX at Panera Bread!

Do you remember when we posted about the new AMEX Link Like Love promo? Well, we've got a great offer from it!
It looks like everyone who participates in the promo (see below) will have a Panera Bread offer available to lead to their card.
The offer is for a $10 statement credit when you spend $10 or more at Panera Bread using your registered American Express card! Make sure you load the offer onto your card before you go!

Here's a blurb from our previous post about this, including how to get started:
American Express has a new Link, Like, Love promotion going through Facebook that gets you a bunch of great deals!

Basically, you go here and sync your credit card. Then, allow the Facebook invasion (select "only me" for who sees updates to spare your friends from the ads). The app will scan your "likes" and show you offers based on what you "like" on Facebook.

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