Genius Idea from Mabel’s Labels! Track Your Organizational Labels!

Umm, this is one of the coolest ideas I have ever heard of! Especially if you are always asking "which bin is that in?" or "where did we store that?" when trying to find stuff.
Check this out:

Mabel's Labels has created a great new label that combines technology with organization! Can't remember where you put your summer clothes or those holiday decorations? With the new Scan & Store labels from Mabel's Labels, you will never misplace your items again! Here's how they work:

1. Apply the label to a bin, tote or other container.
2. Scan it with the Write Away! app.
3. Store the title, location, description and a photograph of the container.

From your phone you can store the names and photographs of an unlimited number of items and assign them to a container, search for containers and items and much more! Organizing has never been so easy. Be sure to try out these new amazing labels today. Happy Organizing! 

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