Gas Card Giveaway Contest Numbers!

Ok, it's a couple of days late, but here's the way this is gonna work.

Everyone who commented on this post is up for one of the $5 Gas Cards. The winner will have the winning team and the total number of runs scored by both teams from the Giants Dodgers game which started 5 minutes ago. We drew from numbers 2-8. If no one has the exact number the winner will be the one who has the closest without going over.

Here are your teams and numbers:
GooseGal - 4
Mari - 6
Vera - 3
Catherine - 7
Lucy - 5
Derrell - 2

Bertha - 7
Jennifer H. - 5
Michelle K. - 2
Amanda B - 6
Liz M. - 4
Kim - 3
Lourdes - 8

Stay tuned for how the second gas card will be drawn!

Second Gas Card Drawing!
Here's how this one will work:

This was a fun idea, and we love the responses and comments from some of you on our Facebook page and here! Basically, we want to reward people who comment here regularly and contribute to the site. So, anyone who has commented with a deal, correction or store experience since September 1st will be entered into this contest. We love comments and hope to see more of them on the site and our Facebook page! We will definitely be doing more of these surprise contests! Maybe for comments, maybe for Facebook comments, or individual post "likes" or who knows what else?!

Anyway, thank you to everyone who visits this site!

Here are the entrants for the 2nd gas card and their numbers: (chosen by between 2-12)
The winner will have the total number of runs in tonight's Cubs vs. Mets game on ESPN starting at 8:00 EST.
Derrell - 6
Amy - 11
Vera - 5
Catherine - 7
Rachel - 9
Blue - 2
Judy S. - 12
Sheena - 3

**Winners will be contacted by the email they used to comment where they will have 72 hours to claim their prize or it goes into the pot for another giveaway!

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