Free Shipping at Forever 21 on Orders over $21!

f21 sale
See, I told you there were going to be lots of great retail deals going on for the upcoming holiday! This time, it's from Forever 21 and involves two of my favorite words: FREE. SHIPPING. On orders over $21, mind you. But still! Do you know how easy it is to get to $21 there? And also how many wonderful things you can get for that much? Lots more than most other stores, let me tell you. So go ahead. Get some red, white and blue lovely things. Or not red white and blue things. Those are good too. If you do happen to get something, please share in the comments! I do so love to shop vicariously through others. Or if I think it's really cute, I may just have to get it myself. See how that works? Win, win. ;)

Use coupon code FREESHIP21 at checkout. Plus, they're having an up to 80% off sale!

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