Free School Supplies at Staples This Week!

Looking for some free school supplies?

Staples has a few items that can be had for free this week!

First, go here and print the $5 off $30 coupon.

Then buy the following:
Zabra #2 Mechanical Pencil 10 pk. $4
Pentel RSVP Pens 5 pk. Black Fine $4
(2) Staples Multi-Purpose Paper 500 Sheets $6.99 each
HP Photo Paper 8.5/11 50 Sheets $9.99

Total $31.97 minus $5 coupon means you pay $26.97 in-store.

Submit for the following Staples Easy rebates: $4 for Zebra, $4 for Pentel, (2) $5.99 rebates for Staples paper and $8.99 for HP photo paper.

You will get $28.97 back in rebates! You only paid $26.97 for the items, meaning you will make $2 when it's all said and done! Even better, you can tack on some of the 1 cent items pictured above (they require a minimum $5 purchase and are limit 2 each).
Now that's how you shop for school supplies! :D

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