Free Reading Glasses at Rite Aid?!

Starting today and running through 2/18, reading glasses are BOGO 50% off and you get a $15 +Up Reward when you buy 2 pairs.
They are also part of the Buy & Save! And the limit is (4) $15 +Ups! So potentially you could get $60 toward the $100 needed for the reward by spending zero out of pocket on these glasses!

Well, reader Joanna commented on our Facebook wall that the glasses start at $9.99! That means if you bought (2) of the $9.99 pairs, you'd pay $14.99 and get $15 back!

Yay free glasses!


  1. And they track for the buy and save!

    • Ah! Right! We’re in a hurry, working tonight then jamming tomorrow… btw good guess on Facebook, I wish you had made your 2nd guess your 1st guess! :(

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