Gone ~ Free Rain-X Windshield Wiper Blade After Try Me Free Rebate!

They pulled the rebate and erased any mention of the promo on their site. If you printed it, hopefully you get your rebate. We're not even going to try it, companies that pull promos like that make me weary.

Walmart and Rain-X are combining to offer you a Try Me Free deal on a Rain-X wiper blade!

Simply print the rebate here.

Then go to Walmart and buy 1 Rain-X wiper blade, fill out the form and send in your receipt and you'll get the full purchase amount back (up to $15.99)

This offer is void in Rhode Island?! Apparently they don't want you to have free wipers there...

For this rebate, you much purchase the item by 3/31/12 and send it in by 4/13/12.


  1. I can’t get the rebate to load. It says, “Page Not Found”. Anyone else have this problem?

    • They appear to have pulled the promotion. There is no mention of it on the site anymore. What a bummer, we’ve edited the post.

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