Free Nail Polish at Rite Aid!

rite aid nail polish free
We just scored some free nail polish (making me a very happy camper) at Rite Aid, and here's how you can too!

NYC Nail Polish $0.99 (Make sure to get the $0.99 ones, as there are other NYC priced at $1.99!)
- buy 3
- get $3 +Up Reward
- Free!

*The $3 +Up Reward is part of the Rite Aid nail polish promo this week, where you buy 3 and get a $3 +Up Reward. The only excluded polishes are L'Oreal, Essie and Wet N Wild. There is a limit of 2 Rewards, so you can do this deal twice! You'll pay even less if you have a silver or gold Wellness+ Discount!

There aren't many things in life that are better than FREE nail polish, am I right?! Of course, it's 99 cent nail polish, so don't expect anything spectacular, but for free, who can really complain? And, honestly, with a few coats, it's not half bad!

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