Free Cat or Dog Food at Target with New Coupon!

Some of us got a $3/1 Iams coupon in our P&G Saver today.
We were one of the lucky ones!

The coupon is good for any size, so we headed to Target in search of the smallest size.
Whaddaya know, they had a trial sized package for exactly $3.00!

Our store had about 20 of them, 3 different kinds too.

We love getting free cat food because we have adopted a cute little kitty in our backyard!

And she approves! :)

So... anyone who got this $3/1 coupon that won't use it, contact us if you're feeling generous! We'll gladly take them off your hands! :)


  1. She is soooo sweet. We have 3 cats and I know how much it cost to feed them.
    I got the coupon in my paper and should get some extra inserts on Wednesday.
    I would send you some to help with the kitty. Send me info for mailing and it will be your way asap. If you use any other cat food for your big cat I have many and can send too.

  2. I saw these coupons in my inserts somewhere! If I find them, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, may I have your mailing address sent to my email? I promise I won’t stalk you two down and take Japanese schoolgirl photos purikura style in front of your lawn with the neko. ^__^Y~*~*~*~*~*~*

    ?(????)(????)? (

  3. I will be glad to send you the coupons I have for the cat food. I have 8 stray adopted cats I am taking care of but will be glad to share my coupons. Please e-mail me where to send them.

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