Free After Rewards Pens and Markers from Office Max!

Office Max Maxperks is at it again with free after rewards items!

Today they've got 5 things to choose from (limit 3 on all of them):
Paper Mate Clearpoint Elite Mechanical Pencil Starter Set, .5mm $9.99
Mr. Sketch Scented Stix Watercolor Markers, 10 Assorted Markers $5.29
Liquid Paper Pink Ribbon Dryline Grip Correction Tape $2.99
uni-ball 207 Retractable Gel Ink Pens, Medium, Black 3/pk $5.79
Expo Pink Ribbon Low Odor Dry Erase Markers, 2 Pack $2.90

You'll get the full purchase amount back in Maxperks rewards. They take a month or two to show up, so don't stress out. See our Office Max Store guide for more info on Office Max and Maxperks Rewards.


  1. So many Office Max “rewards” :/
    But the nearest Office Max for me is around a 20 minute drive. Blah! :(

    • We never actually go. We order $50 worth of stuff and it’s free shipping. We’ve been rolling the same $50-$60 for a while now…

      • That’s pretty smart- I need to see if that will work for me! D:

        Now I just need a spare $50 laying around…. let me go to my money tree in the backyard- oh it wilted. *fart sound*

        • It’s definitely a lot to put up front, and you kinda should have a backup purchase you need to make just in case a “free” offer does not come around in time for you to spend your credits, but that has not happened to us in over 2 years… We’ve been rolling the same $50. The only time we changed is we wanted a new camera, so we waited for another sale like this but with more stuff, bought about $200 in stuff and used the credits to buy a nice new Canon digital. I freaking love Maxperks!

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