Free After Rewards Items at Office Depot!

It's definitely back to school time!

Office Depot has a few great free after rewards items this week!

12 Pack Uniball Vision Rollerball pens $17.99

Paper Pro Compact Stapler $9.99

Mr. Sketch Scented Markers $7.99

Office Depot Brand File Folders $6.99

Each of these items gives you the FULL amount back in Worklife Rewards!
Even better, the limit is 2 (not just 1!) on each!

You have the opportunity to snag $85.92 worth of office supplies for tax only!

They also have a 500 sheet ream of paper for $1 after Visa mail in rebate.


  1. catherine says:

    If you have the opportunity to get $85 towards your reward and you can do it every day for a week. Is it going to be $595 towards your reward or do you only get $85? $595 is nice laptop.

    • Zack & Katie says:

      According to the ad and the online ad, it says limit 2 per member per day. That is a large risk to be taking though, so just make sure to save all receipts and possibly pay with a credit card so you can try and fight to get the charges taken off that way if it comes to it. That being said, it SHOULD be no problem.

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