Free $25 from American Express!

American Express has a promo right now for their pre-paid cards. They're giving a $25 credit when you load a pre-paid card with $25!
Here's what you do:
1. Go here and create the account. On the first page, enter promo code AEPC25.
2. Choose "load the Card with cash, or add a funding source at a later time"
2. Get card in about 5 days in the mail
3. Load the card with at least $25 within 45 days
4. Receive a credit of $25 added to the card within 45 days
5. Use the $50, $25 of which was free!

I know we're definitely going to be doing this for each of us! That will be $50 free toward replacing Katie's laptop that broke on our trip and mine which revealed itself to be completely useless on our trip, lol! :/


  1. It’s asking for your social. Are you still doing it?

    • I assume it is because they are thinking this is a more permanent card for people. While it is not a credit card, they want it to feel like one. They offer purchase protection and fraud protection, which is not standard with pre-paid cards. That may be why they want your SSN. I am not uncomfortable giving them my social, AMEX is one of my favorite companies and I trust them with my info. If you are uncomfortable though, I would go with your feelings. I’m just giving you my opinion. :)

  2. Tanya Cordes says:

    I have loaded my prepaid card with $25 and then called Am. Express to ask if my free $25 will be added to the card out and they said that any code, unless delivered by a personal email to me, is not valid. It hasn’t been 45 days since I have loaded the card, so I am still hopeful that I will get the extra $25, but I was just wondering if anyone else had any problems with this or knew anything about how long it took to receive their free $25. Thanks so much! :)

    • We have not loaded our card. Come to think of it, we have not received ours yet. Anyway, the code was made VERY public and was not unique to one person, so you should see the credit within the 45 days. I hope so!

      • Tanya Cordes says:

        Sounds good! Like I said, I am still hopeful that it will work. My parents and I got our cards in about 5 days.

        • Hmm, I think I remember getting something with a PIN # saying the card was coming later, but it never came…
          I think it will work, I’d give it at least the 45 days and maybe an additional couple of weeks before losing hope.

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