Free 2-Day Shipping With no Minimums

Have you heard of ShopRunner yet? Basically, it is a service that offers free 2-day shipping for ANY purchase at participating stores.
Every store in the picture above, plus a bunch more are participating.

Notice that participates. They have free after cash back items A LOT at ShopAtHome, but the shipping minimum is $25. Well, not with ShopRunner! You will be able to get all of those items for truly free! You can grab a 30-day free trial to ShopRunner here and try it out on today's free chapstick deal!

Sign up for the 30 day free trial and use that baby up! Shop at all participating stores without having to "hit the minimum" for free shipping. This is not for everyone, since the yearly price is $79.99, but the free trial is for everyone! :)

If you find yourself adding "filler" items just to hit the free shipping minimums, the give this service a serious look. It may be better for your pocketbook to use ShopRunner!

In addition, ShopRunner provides exclusive discounts to many of their participating stores!

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