UPDATE: $170 Sonicare Toothbrush For $27.50 At Rite Aid!

EDIT: This toothbrush is $169.99, not $124.99 like the online price says. So with 25% off, so the final price will be $27.50, not free if you follow my steps. I apologize for the discrepancy, I was not expecting the online price to be that far off. It looks like most of the other online coupon blogs had it that way too... Darn you Rite Aid!

Ok, this one qualifies for the best deal of the year!
This screenshot was taken from Best Buy's website today! $169.99!

Ok, Here....We.....Go....

Sonicare Toothbrushes are 25% Off Retail at Rite Aid this week, so here's what to do:

1. Buy 1 $169.99 Sonicare Flexcare Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush at 25% off for $127.50.
2. Use the $5/$25 coupon found HERE.
3. Use the $25/1 coupon from the 10/24 SS
You pay $67.50 in store.
4. Submit for the $10 mail-in rebate found in the 11/21 SS
5. Enter your receipt here for a $40 Single Check Rebate
6. Check HERE to see that you have spent $100+ and request your Rite Aid Gift Certificate for $20 back. If you "bought" all of the free filler items, you should be at $100.

So..... pretending that the filler items were only free (probably will be better than free), the cost of the toothbrush would be:
$169.99-25% Sale=$127.50
$127.50-$5.00 Rite Aid Coupon=$122.50
$122.50-$25.00 Manufacturer's Coupon=$97.50
$97.50-$40.00 Single Check Rebate=$57.50
$57.50-$10.00 Mail in Rebate= $47.50
$47.50-$20.00 Rite Aid Gift Certificate= 27.50 ! For a $169.99 Toothbrush!

If you have been neglecting Rite Aid this month, or have recently attained another address this deal is for you!

If you have already maxed out your household(s) for the $20 RA GC, $17.50 isn't bad either!

If they don't have the brushes on the shelf, check at the pharmacy and ask them up front to check behind the counter.


  1. OMG I have to agree that this is the BEST deal of the year!!! I cannot wait to get mine! I’ve been wanting one for a long time, but have not been able to afford the hefty price tag! Free, however, is not at all hefty!

    Thank you so much for your awesome site! (And this deal especially!)

    • I got a rain check for the brush that was on sale for $44.99 last week.
      You get $20 scr for it and $10 rebate, I have $10 coupon and $3/20 wv.
      This is a great way to change some up’s back to money.
      I already got my $20 gift for the holidays.
      I just hope they will get the brush before scr ends for the month.

      • Uh, rainchecks can be a pain… I am lucky enough to have 4 Rite Aids within 5 miles of my house. 2 of them were out of the toothbrush, but 2 had them. Hopefully you get yours in time!


        • Thanks for the idea, I have 3 rite aid stores under 2 ml. from my house.
          I will try to get it in one of them this week.
          Rite aid is great lately with the deals. I like walgreens, but starting to like rite aid a lot more. It is easy to get cheap or free items or even make money at rite aid in one single trans. At walgreens you need to do many transc. for free stuff.

          • Yea that’s why I stay away from Walgreens. I don’t like having to jump through too many hoops for a good deal.

      • I think you are talking about the essence toothbrush.
        It is less expensive than the flexcare one.
        At my store it is 80 at rite aid (retail price) . on sale at other stores for 40. but $2 is a good deal.


    Thanks for the insights. I am a fan.
    Question: is there a proper way to download the 5/25 file at wikisend link?
    ~ Newbie

    • The pdf file is downloading for me, I just tested it. Maybe you don’t have the most recent Adobe Acrobat. either way, I have emailed you the file in an attachment. Hopefully that works.


  3. The 5 off 25 is not showing up?
    can you please email it to me?
    [email protected]


  4. Great deal, thanks!

  5. What is the “this” referring to in “2. Buy 1 StayClear Daily Facial Scrub and use this $2/1 and the $2/1 in ad coupon”

    When I look at the offers at that site, there is only household cleaners and fragrences.

  6. I am also only seeing 2 different $20 SCR that are for totally different models. Am I missing something?

    • There is a $40 rebate for this model on the Single Check Rebates site. It is Featured Rebate #4. Hope this helps!


      • Thanks Zach!

        Do you know if there will be an issue using my Gift of Savings cert to buy this and then using the purchase to get another gift of savings under my mom’s account? Or will using one GOS from my account negate another GOS for my mom being valid?

        • Yours will not make the other one invalid, it will just take the amount of your certificate off of the qualifying purchase. For example, my scenario has you spending $100 to qualify for the $20 certificate, but yours would only count as you spending $80 because of the certificate, and therefore, you would need to make another $20 purchase for the $20 certificate or take the $10 that you qualify for with the $80.

          Long sentence, but I hope it helped!

  7. Ok no luck on the toothbrush it is 169.99 on sale for 129. Did I get the wrong one? It matches the one on page 1 of the SCR flyer- Help! New to all of this couponing- thanks!

    • Lynda, the toothbrush should be $124.99 at Rite Aid on sale for 25% off which will make it ring up for around $97.50. If it did not ring up for $96-$98 in the store, you got the wrong one or the sale did not appear. The picture I took was from Best Buy just showing they had it for $169, Rite Aid’s regular price is $124.99 I believe. Here is the link to the online listing:http://www.riteaidonlinestore.com/qxp171930/philips_sonicare/flexcare_rechargeable_sonic_toothbrush_with_uv_sanitizer_model_hx6932.htm
      And here is the link to the Rite Aid Rebates, where it is #4 https://riteaid.rebateplus.com/default.asp?jse=yes

      Hope that helps!

    • Hi Zack,

      I bought the Phillips Sonicare FlexCare toothbrush (HX6932/10) and it rang up on sale for $127.49 (reg price $169.99)
      I paid $97.49 (before tax and after the $25 & $5RA coupons)

      I forgot to print off the your scenerio, so I was ‘shopping blind’.

      I’m going to return it….

      Hope others find the cheaper price!

      • Yes, I edited my post. The original post was based on the online price. The in store price was higher. It looks like pretty much all Deal Blogs out there made the same mistake… looks like Rite Aid will be getting a lot of returns this week! Sorry to you and everyone else who was counting on that $129 price.

  8. What happened to the rest of your post with the information on the other deals like red hot, face scrub, etc?

    • Zach, could you please direct me to the link for the StayClear Daily Facial Scrub?

      • There is no direct link. Once you register with the site, you have to find it on the hope page under the tab for personal care.

    • Since the price of the toothbrush is actually $127.50 after discount, there is no need to purchase the filler items to get the new deal. Please note that the deal has been changed, and the lowest price I can see on the toothbrush is $27.50.

  9. Zach,

    I’m not looking for a direct link. I no longer have the link at all. I do not know what website it was. I actually need to buy that item regardless of the toothbrush deal so it would be great to have that coupon. Thanks!


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