Free $11 Amazon Gift Card From Viewpoints!

Want a free $11 Amazon gift card? If you said "no" go here.

If you said "yes" go here and do 11 qualifying reviews to earn the $11 gift card.

I have done 3 promotions like this one from Viewpoints and have gotten paid every time! Be aware though, if you are visiting Viewpoints through Inbox Dollars or Mypoints or any other site that will reward you for reviews, you WILL NOT get an Amazon gift card. I set up a separate account that I use for the promos, I recommend doing that as well.

This promo is a great way to supplement your Amazon account which should be actively growing from sites like My View and SwagBucks.


  1. I said “yes!!!” It took me 2 days, writing reviews at my leisure, easy, fun, quick, simple, and now I’ll be receiving $11 for Amazon! Yay! Thank you for the head’s up! I love easy money-makers like this… Keep ’em coming!

    • Glad to hear you did it! I just finished mine today. I think, with all of the side money/gift card stuff that I do, the Viewpoints reviews are the easiest. Too bad the only come around once in a while…

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