Flash Giveaways Coming Soon!

I am going to try a new type of giveaway starting Sunday.

If you are a SwagBucks member, you may know they hide codes in their blog, Facebook posts and elsewhere...

Well, I am taking that idea and running with it over here, at LookBeforeSpending!

Starting Sunday, I will post things like "comment here first to win" on blog posts, Facebook Wall posts and maybe even other places on the site.

Now would be a great time to "like" LookBeforeSpending on Facebook so you don't miss out on your chance to win!

What will be the prizes you ask?
-Redbox free rental codes
-High Value Restaurant coupons
-Various coupons with freebie matchups
-Don't have a printer? Win your choice of any 5 or even 10 printed coupons!
-Cash money!
-Gift cards!
-If it goes well, there will be more prizes and more frequent giveaways!

Stay tuned starting Sunday when the fun will start!

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