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Well, this has been a frustrating day already with the aftermath of Extreme Couponing, and now this?!

Facebook is now only showing our posts to 5-10% of our fans. This is being done to bribe us into PAYING to have a higher % of our fans see each post.
The above picture is a screenshot of what we see with every post we make to our wall.

Here's the problem: these people have (for one reason for another) "liked" our page by choice. If they don't want to see our updates, they can simply turn them off. Well not anymore... Apparently, if we do pay (which we will NOT EVER do) the full amount, our post will be shown to ALL of our fans. Even the ones who blocked our updates. Not only are we ticked, but you should be too! If you've blocked updates from anyone, the last thing you want to see is updates from them!

Unfortunately for Facebook, their complete fail of an IPO mixed with these awful changes to keep good information from Facebook users who willingly are wanting to receive it will result in a quick downfall. Hopefully things change quickly, or you'll find Facebook in social network heaven - right next to MySpace.

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