Enter to Win a Free Case of Vita Coco!

Yum! What better way to try out a new product than getting a case for FREE?! Check out what Vita Coco Coconut Water posted on their Facebook page:
Want to get lucky? In celebration of the world's juiciest jackpot ever ($640 million, amigos!) we're giving away 640 cases of Vita Coco! Simply send an email with the subject line "VITA COCO" to lottery@vitacoco.com for your chance to win.

Zack won't let me buy this stuff ever, since it's always so dang expensive, so you'd better believe I sent that email. What have we got to lose? Hopefully I get lucky! Cross your fingers for me, people!


  1. I’m crossing my fingers for you! Hey, if we win the 640 million, we can get a couple of them! Deal?

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