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  1. Margaret Smith says:

    I’m an email subscriber

  2. I am new to this website but have already become an email recipient. Have so much enjoyed your posts and find new ideas that no one else is onto yet. Have been couponing one year as of this month and am now addicted!!! look forward to each day to get your insight, keep it coming. thanks for all your hard work. I am a senior in central Florida and share my couponing results with my neighbors and local food banks…we don’t have double coupons but with your help I have been very successful anyway!thanks again!!
    Donna (also known as “church lady”)

    • Good to have you here! :)
      Saving that much money sure is addicting! We’re in the same boat, because we don’t have double coupons here in CA either… :(
      Thanks for visiting us from Florida!

  3. I email subscribe

    [email protected]

  4. Joy Flynn says:

    I love coke. Thanks for the giveaway. I subscribe by email.

  5. susan wiener says:

    did all. thx.

  6. Corey Olomon says:

    I subcribed to and confirmed your email newsletter.

  7. Rhea Chladek says:

    I subscribed to, and confirmed my subscription to, your email newsletter.

    : ) Rhea

  8. I subscribed, going to confirm now.

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