Earn a Ton of Recyclebank Points!

Here's a new little program they are doing over at RecycleBank that can earn you up to 70 points!

Head over here and click the "travel" tab. Then click on everything that moves in the picture (and the clouds) that you can to earn points for each pledge/quiz/task. You can earn up to 70 points just by doing this!

What can 70 points get you?
$1/2 Ziploc coupon (just 5 points)
$1/1 Honest Tea (rememeber how often I mention these in free deals!?) for 60 points
$2/2 EarthBound Farm Product (Carrots are like $90 cents at Wal Mart, this means 2 free!) for 50 points

So, are you a RecycleBank member yet? If not, sign up here and get going!

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