Don’t Let Your Printer Run Out of Ink! Plus How to Get it Cheaply!

I learned a valuable lesson about printer ink this week. Chances are, if you follow this blog, you do quite a bit of printing.

I had been happily printing coupons for months with no problems. Then, the other day, my printer stopped working. It just stopped. I hit print, and the printer just sat there.
So... instead of doing this:

I headed to Staples and looked for ink. It was my color ink that was out, not the black and white. I was expecting the worst. And I got it: $35 for ink! No sale, no nothing. Same at Office Max and Depot. I couldn't do it. I left, thinking about my next move.

I got home and went to... EBAY! I knew I would have to wait a few more days, but the savings were worth it.
I have a color ink cartridge on the way for $9 shipped! The seller has over 100k feedback at 99.8% positive, so I am very comfortable in my purchase.

This brings me to my next point; Ebay.

Ebay is perfect for things like ink. Small, cheap to ship things that are expensive in stores, but easy to make a generic of and sell for cheap online.

I recommend it to anyone looking to purchase ink, or anything they want a bargain on. Chances are, someone is selling it, and at a decent price.

As for me, as soon as my ink comes, I am ordering a backup one from the same seller just to have one on hand to avoid this situation again.

What did it cost me not having one for 4 days?
$6 from Rite Aid (could not print and use 2 survey $3/$15 coupons). Not much, but could have been avoided. Also could have been worse.

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