Did You See the Sodastream Ad Last Night? Buy One Here for Cheap!

sodastream ad
Did you see the Sodastream ad last night during the Super Bowl? Have you tried one of these out? Sodastream machines are great little machines! You can make your own homemade soda! You can use natural soda syrups, make as much as you need and reduce waste from plastic bottles! What a concept!

Check out the machines here! The ones pictured above are their 3 most popular and are all very modestly priced!
Their Sodastream Genesis model starts at just $99.95 and is their most popular one! Buy Sodastream machines here!

Plus, use coupon code FREEFIZZ to get free shipping! That saves you $10+ right there!

Also, if you want to see the Sodastream ad that they were not allowed to show you during the game, click here -----> Sodastream ad.

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