Deal Scenario for $0.20 Single Rolls of Charmin Ultra Soft!

Target has a great household promotion where you can get a $10 Target gift card when you buy 3 select products. We found a great TP stock up deal.

Here's what to do:
Buy (3) 36 packs of Charmin Ultra Soft double rolls for $17.99 each
- use (3) $0.25/1 Charmin from the 4/19 or 5/13 P&G Saver
- get $10 Target gift card
- Save 5% more with your RedCard! (not included in our deal scenario prices)

This deal will get you 108 double rolls, which is equal to 216 single rolls for $43.22 after gift card. That's exactly $0.20 per roll! Our stock up price (as is many people's) is around $0.25 per single roll, so to be able to get Charmin Ultra Soft for $0.20 is a great deal!

Update: is you got the Target P&G from 4/29, you can use the $0.50/1 Charmin from that. Your store may let you use 1 only, so be ready for that. Using 3 of these takes the per single roll price down to 19.3 cents.


  1. $17.99 x 3 = $53.97 – $0.75MQ = $53.22 pre-tax..

    I don’t have any TG GC’s to lower my OOP cost, so I will have to skip on this one :(

    I had to resort to buying TP from Costco- but my family and I ate enough Costco samples in calories enough to last us three hikes up Mt. Fuji or something. HAHA.

    I’ve been really considering applying for the Target Red Card, but how will I get 5% off my usual $0.01~$0.99 (tax only) totals after bag + all coupons scanned? LOL!

    • ^Somehow the second part to my gluttony comment got cut-off: What I meant to say was that we ate so much samples that we food comatose’d when we got home, and ate like lettuce and porridge for dinner or something that night, so we saved our lunch money but not having to eat-out haha! So I guess that compensated for the pricey Costco paper, which is super crap quality now -__-” Not sandpaper-quality, but I mean it leaves specks and stuff. Too much info, but Costco TP is not making the Charmin bear a happy camper, or dancing like he/she always does. PREACH!

      • Lol! I think Costco is my favorite place to shop. We seriously go in there for 3 things and walk out with a cart full of stuff and $300 less in our pocket! My advice, you should figure out how much per roll you’re spending and ignore the OOP cost. If the per-roll cost makes sense, we’ll buy $100 at once! The Target deal would be close to an entire year’s supply for us! For around $45, that’s a great deal if you can get past the sticker shock.
        I recommend the Target card. We waited a LONG time to get it but it is nice to have. Like on the deals where items are free/close to free after gift card. You’re still spending $5 to get the $5 card, but if you have the RedCard, you can save 5% on that $5! Also, free shipping online on any order is really nice. Also I feel like they are nicer to you at the store if you have a RedCard. :)

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