CVS Weekly Deals 2/26-3/03

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Here are the deals for this week at CVS. Stay tuned throughout the week for more updates on unadvertised deals and new coupons that match up to these deals.
Below are a few highlights, for the entire list of deals for the week, please visit Mashup Mom.

ThermaCare lower back and hip heat wrap 1 ct $3.79

- get $3.79 ECB limit 1

Mentos UP2U gum, $.99
- use $1.00/1 in the 2/5 SS
- free gum!

Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief toothbrush or 4 oz toothpaste, $4.99
- get $4.00 ECB limit 2
- se $.75/1 in the 2/12 SS or 2/26 SS
Just $.24 after coupon/ECB!
If you have the $1.00/1 Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief in the winter CVS Reinventing Beauty magazine, use that too and it’s a $.76 money maker.

Spend $10 get $7 ECB Physicians Formula cosmetics limit 1
- use $1.00/1 in the 2/12 SS.
The $7 ECB prints on the $9.99 organic mascara, making it net $1.99 after coupon/ECB.
Also look for try me free rebate peelies.

Schick Hydro 5 power select or Hydro Silk, $9.99
- get $4.00 ECB
- use $4.00/1 Power Select in the 2/26 SS
- $1.99 after coupon/ECB!

See the rest of the deals here.


  1. Is there no limit on the EB’s according to the AD for all the Schick razors and is only up to the store’s discretion? :O

    • Hmm… makes me really wish it was a freebie deal! I don’t know if $2 is our stock-up price for razors, even the nice ones. That reminds me, it’s been too long since we’ve seen a free Hydro or ProGlide, what’s up with that!?

  2. According to another coupon site, it IS a stock up price!

    And btw you didn’t even answer my question! :(

    • We wanted to build the mystery, lol! Yes it is always up to the store’s discretion. I think they say that just for that one store whose manager woke up on the wrong side of the bed and wants to pick fights.

  3. Okay went today and tried it! Paid $32.47 OOP, ended up with $12 EB.
    3 Shick Hydro 5 Power Select Razors,
    3 Shick Hydro Silk Razors
    4 Shick Hydro 5 4ct razors
    1 Thermacare heat wrap.

    According to the store manager, it’s a limit of 6 EBs printed per card, per item. :S??

    Will be exchanging the 3 Silk for 3 Power Select tomorrow morning when the CVS truck comes!

    I might be combining the $10/$50 purchase CVS Coupon, but that would mean I would get a $24 EB. I dislike how the EB “groups” together, and does not seperate as “4, 4, 4, 4”. Oh well! Still a pretty good deal I guess.

    Good luck you guys!

    • That’s a lot of Schick! I agree that it is lame how CVS groups their ECB together! They are tough to use when they’re over $10.

  4. Haha. Can never have too many razors!

    I gave away some of the power razors from last year’s sales, and I was asked “these don’t come with refills?”. EXCUUUUUUUUUUUSEEE ME. *takes the razors back* LOL.

    If I can find my $2.22 24ct JTB Water and $.77 tuna rainchecks, I think I could use up the $24 with another purchase of a razor, but I misplaced them. *sad panda*

    • LOL! It’s always fun explaining why we have 100 razors and no refills. Tuna and water is exactly what we use our ECBs on when there is nothing else to buy!

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