CVS Shopping Trip 1/9

One of the better CVS trips I have had in a while.

Spent $8.63 Out of pocket. I could have done this transaction without the energy drinks and gotten everything free, but I couldn't pass up the price on the Amp!

Here's what I got:
7 Finish Power Tabs
4 Amp 4 Packs
1 M&Ms
1 Starburst
8 Bumblebee Tuna Chunk White Albacore ($0.66 each on price cut!)
1 Two liter bottle of Mountain Dew (to get the Pepsi total to $20)
2 Maalox Liquid (Store only had 2 chewables)
2 Maalox Chewables

(7) $2.25 coupons found in the 1/2 Smart Source
(4) $5 off any one Maalox found in the 1/9 SS
$5/$30 CVS Email Coupon

(3) $10 Extra Bucks (1 from Pepsi deal, 1 from Maalox and 1 from Finish) Each of these deals required $20 in purchases (before coupons!)
(1) $0.89 Extra Buck from Candy
(1) $1.00 Extra Bucks from Green Bag Tag!

Paid $40.52 in store
Received $31.89 Extra Bucks
Total Out of pocket - $8.63

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