CVS and Rite Aid Trips ~ 6 Bottles of Wine, 3 Bottles of Rum and 18 Beers for FREE!!

Don't worry parents, it's not all for us! ;)

Ok, so we live in Northern CA, and this deal may be specific to our area, but I suspect it is statewide. We also got some help from some great hanging coupons on some bottles!
Anyone living in CA (or possibly Arizona) who got these forms, check out what we did:

First of all, there were 3 rebate forms in our CVS ad.
1. Buy $100 in gift cards and 18pk. or larger of Coors beer and get a $25 rebate
2. Buy 6 bottles of select wine, get $25 rebate
3. Buy 3 bottles of select liquor, get $15 rebate

Here's what we did:

Transaction 1
- got $100 in CVS gift cards - $100
- got 18 pack for Coors light cans - $11.99
- used no coupons, paid $113.89
(we are not considering the CVS cards as a purchase, since we will just use them as normal at CVS instead of cash! (see below!)
So, we paid $13.89 and will get back $25 from the rebate. Up $11.11 on this transaction.

Transaction 2
- got (4) bottles of Turning Leaf wine $5 each
- got (2) bottles of Mirassou wine $6.99 each
- we used (2) $2 hangtags from Mirassou and (1) from Turning Leaf
- we also got a $3.40 (10%) discount for buying 6 bottles of wine
- We paid $26.95 here and will get back $25 from mail in rebate. Down $1.95 on this transaction.
We used the $100 CVS card we bought in transaction 1. (you CAN use gift cards to buy alcohol!)

We headed over to Rite Aid for transaction 3
Malibu was on sale for $9.99 a bottle, so me went to Rite Aid.
- we got (3) bottles of Malibu rum for $9.99 each
- we used a $10/3 hangtag found on Malibu, Kahlua and Beefeater bottles
- we paid $22.29 here and will get $15 back from mail in rebate. Down $7.29 on this transaction.

So in total, we paid $63.13 and will get back $65 in mail in rebates!
That means... we got everything free! And YOU can too! (well, if you live in CA.)

Even without finding any hangtags, you can do the Coors and wine deals and pay just about nothing!


  1. Wow! Liver and gut says hello!

    I will check this out in the stores in SoCal tomorrow! Thank you very much.

  2. Can these items be purchased at target?

  3. Great Thanks! This is a great deal! Thanks for all the great deals you post. I love your blog! Happy Holidays

  4. Thanks for the info I live in Northern Cal and will check it out. Are the rebates at the counter at CVS or somewhere else. These will be great for gifts and New Years Eve.

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