Cut Electricity Costs ~ Stop the Standby!

cut electricity costs

Are you looking for ways to cut electricity costs? Here a quick, helpful tip!

This is a very simple tip that you may have even heard before. If you're like me, you need to hear certain things a few times before you try them. Well, I'm here to tell you this does work! What is it you ask?

It's ditching the standby! Idling electronics such as a sleeping computer, a plugged in cell phone charger attached to no phone, a video game system and many others use power when they are “off”, which costs you money! Now, it's not realistic to think that you are going to run around your house pulling all of your plugs out every time you are done with certain devices. That's where this handy device comes in:

cut electric costsFor under $10, you can get a surge protector like this one -----> and make the process of killing idling electronics very easy. You can plug several devices (up to 6 or more, depending on the size of the surge protector) into it and shut them all off with one flip of a switch. We have one that our Xbox, TV, Wii and DVD player are in. With one switch, we can shut off all of these devices and prevent them from idling.

So what exactly is idling? Here's an example: you know those red lights that seem to be on all of your devices when they are turned off? Well how do you think they light up? That's right, by using YOUR power! Why pay for that!? This is one of the easiest ways to reduce your electricity costs. Set up a couple of easily accessible surge protectors in your home and you'll be able to save quite a bit of power! As an added benefit, most power strips will ensure that your electronics will be protected from potentially harmful power surges as well.

If you're really excited about this idea, check out this huge list of products and how much power they drain courtesy of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. That same government supported laboratory says of idling devices: "Together these amount to almost 10% of residential electricity use." Wow! Maybe I should have titled this post, "How to Easily Save 10% on Your Electricity Costs"! How can you not want to do that?!

Karma points bonus: using less electricity is a great thing you can do for the planet as well!

How do you cut electricity costs in your home?

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