Coupon Abbreviations, Words and Phrases Defined

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The following coupon phrases will come up when you are hunting and researching the internet for coupons. You can also print manufacturer coupons right here on this page! Just look below. Allow the coupon printer and you'll be printing in TWO clicks! No registration, no gimmicks! You can find the coupon phrases below the printable coupons/

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Chances are you have come across an abbreviation that leaves you clueless. Maybe not here, but somewhere. Well we hate that, and want to eliminate that from our site. Here are a bunch of abbreviations and phrases explained that you will commonly see on our site and other blogs.


SS - Smart Source coupon insert (comes in almost every Sunday newspaper)

RP - Red Plum coupon insert (also comes in almost every Sunday paper)

PG - Proctor and Gamble

P&G Saver - The once a month Proctor and Gamble newspaper coupon insert that comes on the first Sunday of every month.

GM - General Mills (these inserts only come about 4 times a year, also on Sunday)

RR - Register Rewards (Walgreens' name for their reward coupons)

ECB - Extra Care Bucks (CVS' name for their reward coupons)

MIR - Mail in Rebate

BOGO - Buy one, get one (what follows will be the price you get the second item for when you purchase the first. Typically it will look like this BOGO Free or BOGO 50% off)

B2G1 - Buy 2 get one free (this continues with B3G1 and so on)

EXP - Expires

MF - Manufacturer

GC - Gift card

UPC - Universal product code (the bar code)

OOP - Out of Pocket (refers to the total amount in dollars spent after all coupons redeemed and store rewards/rebates received)

Rite Aid Specific Abbreviations:

VV - Video Values (Rite Aid's program where you watch videos to earn store coupons)

SCR - Single Check Rebate (Rite Aid's easy online rebate program)

+Up Reward or just +Up - Rite Aid's name for their rewards that print out on the bottom of the receipt.

Tracking - This term is used when talking about +Up Reward deals that require you to purchase a certain dollar amount of a certain product. If the amount is not reached and your progress toward that amount is shown on your receipt, then the deal is tracking.
Example: $20 Foot Care $10 +Up total $18.87
This means you are $18.87 toward the $20 needed to get a $10 +Up Reward.

Coupon Words & Coupon Phrases Defined:

Printable - A coupon that can be printed from the internet. There will almost always be a link to the defined "printable" coupon on this site.

Stack - When speaking in terms of coupon usage, "stacking" refers to the ability to use one store coupon and one manufacturer's coupon on one item. This is called stacking.

Filler - an item used to get to a certain purchase level ($25 in order to use a coupon) or to add items to your cart to allow you to use coupons. The last part of that is commonly done at Walgreens since they only allow 1 coupon per item and Register Rewards count as coupons. Commonly, shoppers will add a $0.25 item to their purchase to be able to use a $4/1 coupon and a $4 RR for a different item.

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