Check Out World Market for the Best Beer Deal I Have Ever Seen!

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best beer deal
Take a look at this incredible World Market beer sale!

Check this out; World Market (at least the one here in Sacramento in the Arden area) has 24-bottle cases of Cable Car Brewing Company beer for $9.88! That's not a typo, $9.88 for 24 beers! You can also opt to get one 6-pack for $3.99.

The regular price of this beer is $8.99 for a 6-pack! So for just $1 more with this promo, you can get a 24-bottle CASE!

This is good beer too, not a cheapo light variety. Cable Car is a craft brewery who makes small batch brews I'm drinking a Pal Ale as I write this and I can say it is a VERY good beer. I was going to be happy if it was mediocre, but it is excellent. We bought a case of each tonight and will probably be going back tomorrow to get another couple of cases!

Note: to get this price, you must be a store member. You can sign up for free by simply providing a phone number at the register!

They had Pale Ale and India Pale Ale at this location. They also carry an Amber, but they were out at the Arden Sacramento one.
This is easily the best beer deal that I have ever seen!
Don't wait on this incredible World Market beer sale! Call or get to your local store today and see if they've got this price!


  1. That is awesome! Thanks for sharing.

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