Check out UPS My Choice for free Shipping Alerts! See One We Got!

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Have you joined UPS My Choice yet? I'm going to be honest, I signed up a while back and forgot about it. I used an old email address. Well, I went into that email the other day looking for something and found a few email alerts from UPS My Choice about packages that are coming my way! I was very impressed! If I had known/remembered that I signed up for this, I could have avoided a lot of stress this season!

You should totally join for free, right here!

Now I've switched my email in the UPS My Choice account to my main email. These updates are great! Look at one we got this morning:

Some alerts even have the deliver window on them! We have another one that says 12:45-3:45pm! So awesome!

You get alerts like this for all packages headed to your address from UPS! These alerts are priceless! You can plan to be home, relieve your stress about not knowing when packages are coming, even stop shipment and re-schedule if necessary!

Sign up for a free UPS My Choice account <---- here!

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