Check out Safeway This Season! Food, Drinks and Fun! Plus a Safeway Giveaway!

Ok, you all know that we enjoy a good drink every now and then. And of course, we love delicious baked goods as well. So it's really nice to see that Safeway has stepped up to the plate this holiday season with some fun cocktail and dessert pairings, delicious recipes and most importantly, a bunch of ways for us to save money!

safeway giveawayNow, I'm usually a 2-ingredient drink kind of guy. Give me a whiskey coke, a vodka orange juice and I'm good to go. But the holiday season is a special time and it's nice to have a special drink to go along with it. Enter Safeway. They have this awesome list of dessert and cocktail pairings that make me warm and fuzzy just looking at it! If these drinks and baked goods don't just scream HOLIDAYS I don't know what does! You can see more of these recipes on the Safeway Pinterest page as well.
We made a couple cocktails, one of which was a Pomegranate Rickey (recipe here), which was absolutely delicious! I have not found a lot of enjoyable ways to drink Gin, but this one passed the test with flying colors.
<----- Check out how tasty it looks too!

We also made one of the dessert/cocktail pairings that is on Safeway's website, called Tequila Frost Bites. Let me tell you, neither of these are things I would typically make, but boy am I glad I did! The drink was excellent. I'm a tequila guy, so it's not hard to mess up a drink once you put tequila in it. But it really was good. It went perfectly with the cookies too! They had substance and were not super super sweet. With the cocktail, it is a match made in heaven! Don't they look good? :)

We couldn't wait to tell you about the Beverage Calculator, so we mentioned it here a while back.

Basically, the beverage calculator will help you determine how much alcohol you should buy for a party. This is a nice thing, because when it comes to beverages for a party, you definitely don't want to have too little, but you also probably don't want to have too much.

We made a little video about this stuff and talked about some other current sales going on at Safeway right now too! So check that out below! :)

Here's our Pinterest ----> Look Before Spending's Pinterest Page

Here's something else fun and exciting: Safeway is hosting a Pin 2 Win sweeps December 12 through January 2. Pinners may enter up to eight times and prizes include daily $50 gift cards.

And here's something even MORE fun! How about a Safeway giveaway!? You can win a $50 Safeway gift card right here! I KNOW that will help a lot of you recover after spending a bunch of money this holiday season! Enter below to win a $50 Safeway gift card! Giveaway runs through 12/24 and we'll announce the winner on Christmas Day! How's that for a Merry Christmas from Look Before Spending?! :)
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Giveaway rules and terms: winner chose will be checked to make sure they completed the required tasks. Winner has 72 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen. Safeway is responsible for sending prize and Look Before Spending assumes no responsibility for prize fulfillment.


  1. Cynthia Rivera says:

    Thanks for this giveaway!!

  2. Egg nog is in my holiday glass. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Diet coke, maybe some Malibu.

  4. Home-roasted coffee!

  5. Changes daily, could be wine, beer or some impulse-concoted cocktail!

  6. Pumpkin latte.

  7. Allisha Gold says:

    Milk is in my holiday glass! Thank you!

  8. Jeana O'donnell-Murphy says:

    Hot chocolate or coffee

  9. A nice glass of wine – even better if I didn’t pay for it ;)

  10. I love hot chocolate in the winter. Or a nice glass of red wine.

  11. Katie Cohen says:

    Nice! I love a good yummy cocktail to survive the holidays!

  12. Jennifer Nixon says:

    Eggnog or hot chocolate. Thanks for the giveaway.

  13. Jesselyn A/Jesstinger says:

    When all of our families /in-laws came together (years ago) we started a whole new crazy mixed bag of wonderful holiday traditions for our extended family. One favorite coming from my sister’s Scottish/French Canadian father-in-law is the “traditional toast” with champagne glasses filled with either Mimosas (or my personal favorite) Kir Royale (Champagne w/ Creme de Cassis) !

  14. sprite that is my drink of choice

  15. Coke & Coconut Rum.

  16. I love my RED WINE!!! That’s what will fill my cup:)

  17. Coquito which is like eggnog

  18. mint hot coco

    …or sangria

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